Our Services

In addition to our construction services we enlist the expertise of varied parallel industry specialists such as architects, engineers and interior designers to ensure that you get a well-rounded service from beginning to end.
• Planning – Architectural Designs, 3D Drawings
• Wet works – Digging and Pouring Foundations
• Brickwork – Face bricks, semi – Face Brick, Cement and Clay Stocks, etc.
• Plastering – Interior and Exterior, e.g.: Smooth, Rough, Scratch, etc.
• Rhino lighting – Internal walls and Ceilings.
• Concrete slabs and balconies – Super Slab and Block and Beam.
• Electrical – DB Boards, Regulation Requirements, Electrical points, Lighting, Etc
• Plumbing – Geyser installation, Wall & Floor piping, Drainage and Outlet systems Etc
• Kitchen – As Per Client Requirements
• Roofing – IBR, Zink, truss and tile.
• Paving – Driveways, Entrances, Pools, etc.
• Finishes – As Per Client Requirements

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